Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Blog

From this...(12 weeks) this! (38.5 weeks)

Since the chapter has closed on my pregnancy journey- I need to start a new blog about my sweet little boy.

I loved being pregnant more than I ever though possible. I dont think it could have been any easier on me...unless of course, I didnt have the whole "getting a divorce while pregnant" thing involved, but such is life...

Even my delievery was amazing. The doctors started the pit drip at 6am, and at 12:18pm Nic was born. I was in labor for less than 20 minutes, and I enjoyed every minute of it (thanks to the epidural :] )!!

8 weeks
20 weeks

29 weeks

1 day old

It was an amazing journey.

I really don't think I could be any luckier. Nicolas is amazing.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm gonna kill him.

if burning my house down was a reasonable option, I'd do it to make the son of a bitch leave. He's fucking ruining everything. Seriously... I dont think anyone can possibly understand what a piece of shit he mother caught a glimpse of it the other night, when she brought dinner to us.... but it's progressively getting worse...and any time I say "I think you should stay at your grandmother's house tonight" his response is "fine, I'll be sure to let Nic know when he's older you're the reason I'm not involved in his life"

....way to lay on the guilt trip mother fuck, but really, the reason you're not in his life is going to be becasue
a- a judge would be fucking HIGH to let you have custody

In other news.... my son? The most perfect thing in the ENTIRE world.

I will be posting a new blog about his life once fucktard is gone, which can't come soon enough.
I seriously seriously do not know what i was thinking letting him stay here.

I can't do it for 9 more days- so I hope enterprise can pick him up.

oh, and ps? parenting does not involve text messaging your slut girl friends and playing scrabble. This much I've learned so far. I'm already a far superior parent.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Our "myspace" bathroom shot: my aunt, mom, nic, and me (I really am not THAT huge, I was sticking my tummy out).

My Baby Sister, Josie Grosie, Sharie, and myself. I think that side of the table made enough noise for the entire place. So fun.

My aunt and I split this delicious Tiramisu.. I thought I was going to explode after eating it.

Because I had this amazing manicotti for dinner. Although, the waitress says it's Man A Cotty.
I just think if you work at an eye tie place, you should know how to say the dishes correctly.
......just a thought.....

Tomorrow, Monica and I are going to get our mani/pedi at the new place. I'm not getting a mani.... no point, since I'm guessing I'm about to get poo on my nails in the next few weeks until I get the hang of it. I seriously almost bought gloves today, but there weren't any non latex ones.... so I did not. I might get some at Target if they have some though... poop isn't fun.
Just sayin...

So, nails, lunch/starbucks, LJ, carwash, install carseat, target, dinner, shower, hospital.

I'm gonna barf. I'm so nervous. SO SO SOoooOoOooOoooOoOooo nervous.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

38 weeks.

I have 2 days left! 2 days! I don't feel like I've gotten any bigger.. just lower maybe? All I know is this morning, I really wish I was able to get to my camera without moving, because my stomach looked like a jelly bean. The left and right side were HUGE but the middle was small. I mean, not flat or anything, but it was for sure an awkward shape. It cracked me up!

In other news, I think I'm getting a damn cold sore.
And the baby likes to stretch his knees all over the place, as you can see at the begining of the video clip here:

I dont even know how to handle myself anymore. Like... it doesn't feel like I'm any different. It's hard to imagine giving birth.
I'm mostly nervous for Tuesday. Like, seeing LJ is not anything I want to do. I also do NOT want him staying here... but I mean.. he does want to spend time with Nic, and I don't want to take that from him by asking him to stay elsewhere... but then again.... he picked this...
See why I'm stressed? haha Also, that whole pushing a human out of you is kind of scary. Ok. Not kind of... it's the most terrifying thing I have ever thought about doing.

I have everything totally ready though. Everything is cleaned, organized and ready to go. I just need to pack my makeup and hair stuff in the baby bag, and I'm ready. But... ugh. So not ready mentally. I'm really really terrified. Excited.. but totally scared. My whole world is about to change... and I dont know what to do!

My mom totally pissed my shit off today by saying" OH MY GOD your stretch marks are AWFUL!!!" I didnt know. Thanks for the confidence boost Tina.

AAAAAAAAAAgh. tomorrow is my last day of work for a little bit... i'm going to probably vacuum again... jasmine knows something is up--and is shedding weird... and then the dinner at Carabbas (I'm so excited for that) and then.... Tuesday with the bestie for pedicures, lunch and starbucks.. then that's it! aaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doctor's visit


Nothing, not my weight, not my BP (which is good) and not my damn cervix.
My uterus obviously got a bit bigger, but not much bigger (thank god-- but my doctor said "prepare for a big boy!!" thanks for your cheeriness doc, but are you the one pushing a giant out of YOUR vagina? I think not.)

Everything is good, but I really wish I were dilated a little more. Like to a 3 or 4. That would be awesome. but no such freaking luck. I did buy myself eyeshadow and nail polish though. I deserve it. It hurt.

Thank God for modern medicine.