Monday, September 13, 2010

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Our "myspace" bathroom shot: my aunt, mom, nic, and me (I really am not THAT huge, I was sticking my tummy out).

My Baby Sister, Josie Grosie, Sharie, and myself. I think that side of the table made enough noise for the entire place. So fun.

My aunt and I split this delicious Tiramisu.. I thought I was going to explode after eating it.

Because I had this amazing manicotti for dinner. Although, the waitress says it's Man A Cotty.
I just think if you work at an eye tie place, you should know how to say the dishes correctly.
......just a thought.....

Tomorrow, Monica and I are going to get our mani/pedi at the new place. I'm not getting a mani.... no point, since I'm guessing I'm about to get poo on my nails in the next few weeks until I get the hang of it. I seriously almost bought gloves today, but there weren't any non latex ones.... so I did not. I might get some at Target if they have some though... poop isn't fun.
Just sayin...

So, nails, lunch/starbucks, LJ, carwash, install carseat, target, dinner, shower, hospital.

I'm gonna barf. I'm so nervous. SO SO SOoooOoOooOoooOoOooo nervous.