Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In one week I'll be in the hospital!

I'm a big believer in count downs. I make one for just about everything. Literally. I make one for insignificant events, work, shopping... pedicures. EVERYTHING.
One count down I've made since Jan 21st 2010, was the birth of my sweet baby. So, in one week, I'll be AT the hospital... so...I have 6 days left as a child free person.

Everyone keeps telling me to do things I wont be able to do when the baby gets here... but I don't know what to do!! I know the morning of the 14th, I'm getting a pedicure. An amazing, expensive one, that I will regret paying so much for, but since I wont be able to do that for a looonnnng time? it's worth it.
(yes, I've asked LJ's mother to pick him up because emotionally, I just can't do it. Picking someone up from the airport is supposed to be an exciting thing, and I used to do it SO much when we were dating, that I just can't imagine doing it...plus, I dont think I want added time with him when the baby isn't even here, because he's not here to see me, but to see the baby)

I also think on the 14th, I'll do my last Starbucks run without a baby in tow with Monica... but leading up to that day? No freaking idea!

I want to eat at Sweet Tomatoes... and obviously, the family dinner plus Monica on the 13th... but seriously? What else is there to do? 4th ave? Urban Outfitters? After that, I'm out of ideas!

All I know, is I only have 6 days to do all this...and I'm literally running around trying to make everything perfect. I can not wait!...and ps? I got a onesie for the little one that says "mommy's little monster" and a dino jacket. WIN!!!!

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