Sunday, September 5, 2010

37 weeks--full term!

So, it's totally ok if this baby comes out tomorrow. The rules say, you can officially give birth at 37 weeks, with like, no problem. Physically, I'm SO ready. mentally? No. not even close! But, I think there would be about 4 people that would be pretty upset if I didn't make it until the 15th, so they can be there for it... so... either way!

The pregnancy is still going amazingly- except for a few mundane issues. Such as HUGE SWELLING FEET! So huge in fact, that the asian lady that was giving me a pedicure said "I no fit your shoe on"...yeah. That bad. Heart burn as totally decreased, but I think it's because the baby's a bit lower. Although, his new favorite game is called "lets kick mommy in the ribs, then bladder to see what kind of a reaction she has" and it really isn't that fun. Joke's on him-- when he starts eating, we're going to play "you cant leave the table until you eat all your veggies" and guess what? I win. :]

My aunt had a BBQ at her house today. She's insane for having so many people over, but it was nice. She made chocolate banana nut muffins, and while I only ate the top, they were probably the best muffin I've ever had. Not too sweet, not overwhelmingly banana... amazing. What wasn't amazing, was her boyfriend's stupid mother. I seriously want to punch that woman in the throat. She lies... like, a lot. Also, she's one of those people that has done everything you have, only she has done it better. Like, for example- she has delivered a baby. Like, pulled one out of a woman's vagina. Lie #1 of the day. The bitch also said to my aunt, that I've dropped. She hasn't seen me since I was 5 months... what the fuck does she know about how I looked before? stupid idiot. She said pork is the cleanest meat, which is not true and at that point, I started to defend myself but she just kept saying "no no no no no no no" like a fucking retarded old fuck. I hate her, and I swear the best thing about having a baby is this: She's going to ask to hold him, and I'm going to say "no way you stupid old bitch" because I am the mom and I make the rules! woooooottttt!!!!
Seriously- she comes near my kid, I'll slap the shit out of her. aaaaaaaah the power a baby gives you. aweeeesssooome! just kidding. I wont call her a stupid old bitch. I'll just say no. :] But in my mind, I'll have killed her, or infected her with Hepatitis.. heh....
I honestly hate that old lady.

I still am on a quest for make up. It's become an obsession...seriously. And it's ok -because it's E.L.F! so I'm not even spending much money. Today, after the BBQ, I planned on going home, but then decided I was going to walgreens to get my mom a cooling mask (she got tattooed eyeliner) and even though she looked SO much better today, I thought it might be a nice thing for her to have... so instead, I went to Target, which I totally feel bad about, because I told my cousin I just wanted to go home (I totally wanted to go home, but target made sense since I needed house items, so I'm hoping she won't stab me next time she sees me...) but anyway....
I went to Target, to get a few baby items, cleaning supplies, a blanket, and some amazing, wonderful make up. I got the following items:

This, is an under eye concealer, plus highlighter. I plan on using this to look lovely while family, and other people stop by to see the baby, and I've only had 2 minutes of sleep. I haven't tried it, but I really hope it works.
This, is THE BEST lip gloss I have EVER used. It is perfect. I love it more than I love most family members. It's a perfect pink, without being too bright, and it's glossy but not sticky, and I <3 it.

I just don't know how I feel about this. it's waterproof eyeliner, but it goes on like a felt tip marker. it's great for evening looks, but I dont know if I can master my daytime look with it. I hope I can, because it's SO easy, and glides right on, and that's important to me, because I need to stop pulling my eyelid to do my eye liner, or I'll have serious wrinkles in a few years!

I will not be using this "all over" but I will use it as a bream blush. I think. I have never used a cream before. Kinda excited to try this out.

Another thing I'm excited for? Freakin GLEE!!!!! it comes back on very soon, and I'm thrilled!

I'm so excited to have this baby too.... although, I'm starting to worry about LJ being here. He wont even answer my calls, or texts... it's really bothering me. I mean, I don't expect him to revolve his life around my phone calls, but I think he should answer my calls. I really feel like I'm going above and beyond in even allowing him in the delivery room...and he can't even answer, or return a phone call? it's annoying. I'm pretty sure I'd prefer his mom to pick him up, and then have him run the errands with her, because I dont want to ruin my day by having him around. It's just depressing for me to see him, and know he left me. So, I'm having a bit of a problem with allowing him to stay here while he;s in town. I really am trying to see the good points in it, since he's not here long, and he will want to be around the baby, but I also know, that if I'm stressed, the baby will sense that, and I just don't know. I just do not know. It's really stressful and I'm trying not to stress out too much... ugh. it's really an awful situation to be in.. I mean... shit.
it sucks.

I just want to have my baby, and be happy. And I doubt I can be happy if LJ's around.

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