Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My last week of not being a Mom...

Thursday-- dr appt, work, wings, buying myself a freaking present after having a doctor's hand shoved in my va jay. If I feel up to it, walking a mile.. but I did it Tuesday and his little head was putting too much pressure on me, so I dont really know..

Friday-- spa day with my little mommy!!! I'm getting a hair cut. I was just gonna trim it, but what the heck.. I'm chopping the back off. My hair is way too thick-- and it wont fit in a pony tail. the bottom falls out, and it's annoying.
Also-work... and then probably game night with the boys

Saturday- car wash, install the car seat
Sunday-clean my ass off..seriously, that's all I'm doing on Sunday during the day. Then I'm going to dinner with my MiL

Monday-- Work...then the big dinner.

Tuesday-- Pedicure. A deluxe pedicure where I will be getting hot pink toes with a cute little zebra design on the big toe! I kinda feel like a jerk... I'm not going to my regular place [topline nails], but they really screwed up on Monica's nails last time, and my last pedi didn't really do anything for me. I mean, they hardly rubbed my feet, and they just painted my toes... I could have done that myself, and saved 30$ and I mean, my feet are killing me lately....So, I'm trying a new place [OPI nails] out that my mom went to on her bday, and her toes ended up cute. I feel bad for taking a picture of what I wanted from my normal place, and I'm going to show it to the new place, unless they have a cuter design... oh well..

(I just hope this looks cute on my toes... )

After the pedi, Monica and I will get our final Starbucks in, then at 3:00, I'm meeting up with LJ... then we'll go over whatever we need to, I'll tell him my birthing plan... we'll eat, I'll shower, get ready, and then off to the hospital we go!

Wednesday-- I become a mom.

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