Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm gonna kill him.

if burning my house down was a reasonable option, I'd do it to make the son of a bitch leave. He's fucking ruining everything. Seriously... I dont think anyone can possibly understand what a piece of shit he mother caught a glimpse of it the other night, when she brought dinner to us.... but it's progressively getting worse...and any time I say "I think you should stay at your grandmother's house tonight" his response is "fine, I'll be sure to let Nic know when he's older you're the reason I'm not involved in his life"

....way to lay on the guilt trip mother fuck, but really, the reason you're not in his life is going to be becasue
a- a judge would be fucking HIGH to let you have custody

In other news.... my son? The most perfect thing in the ENTIRE world.

I will be posting a new blog about his life once fucktard is gone, which can't come soon enough.
I seriously seriously do not know what i was thinking letting him stay here.

I can't do it for 9 more days- so I hope enterprise can pick him up.

oh, and ps? parenting does not involve text messaging your slut girl friends and playing scrabble. This much I've learned so far. I'm already a far superior parent.


  1. i'm 12 n i'm scared of men!!!!! i mean i know there's good men out there but where? n who? n MOST IMPORTANTLY why isn't anyone doing something to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog and wish you and your baby all the best in life.

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