Friday, July 2, 2010

28 weeks

Not only am I fully moved in (minus like, 8 boxes of my shoes, and hanging my art and TV) but I am officially done shopping for the baby! LJ wants to get the wipe warmer for the little one, but that's about it.:] I got the bassinet and crib mattress, and the changing pad yesterday, and last week, the little Nona and Papa Shoe to-be, got the crib for him... and then the baby shower swag-- I can't believe how much I have! The room is just a huge mess right now, and when MY nona came over, she about died because it was so cluttered.... but oh well. I'm in the process of nesting... step one? Buy out Target. Seriously. Babies R Us and Target completely furnished my baby's little room. My dad painted the crib wall brown (and wrote the baby's name on every wall he painted..haha),

and I got little vinal stickies in brown and blue for the other walls, and I just need to get the right color green for the curtains, and his room will be done... I mean, obviously I need to put the crib together and wash all the clothes, but that's it!

As for the rest of the house... it's crazy. I have the cat and dog here, and honestly, I'm going crazy. I LOVE my dog. I really do. She's my little baby, but-- there's no way I can keep both her and the cat. And I'd get rid of my cat before Daizy normally, but it's just so small here, and while she pees on our walks, she wont poo, and thats just not good. The only problem is when the baby comes, I can't just take her on as many walks as I am now, so it's freaking me out. I might be re-homing her to my aunt's friend or her BiL-- but I just don't know. I want to have her stay in the family, so I can still see her. It's really breaking my heart. I'm really worried about it, because I spoil the shit out of her-- and I dont know that anyone else will do that. :[
Every time I think of it, I cry hystericly, and think of that ASPCA commercial where Sarah Mclaughlin sings and you see the dogs in cages and they're starving and shit, and it kills me. I can't just get a family for Daizy that's going to ignore her. I need someone that loves her as much as I do. And seriously, people are suggesting that I just give her to the humane society. All I can say to those people is "kindly go F yourself" because it's like giving away one of your kids. Don't be assholes folks.

Pregnancy wise, everything is really amazing. The only complaint I have is how easily I become over heated, and I gained a lot of weight last time I went to the doctor, and I can really feel it. In my feet. I need to hire a little asian lady to just give me pedis like, every night. haha... but..... The little guy is moving around normally now, and has a schedule, which is amazing. I am really curious to see if he'll be active at the same times once he's born. I am pretty sure I'm going to go get the 4-d US soon. I think there might be one here in Tucson, but if not, Phx has a ton of places for that, and I just really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllly want to know who he looks like. I really think he's going to look more like LJ but I hope he has some of my looks. At least my coloring... and eyebrows. God I hope he has my eye brows. LJ's are awful. And I hope he has my ears. seriously.

I am always amazed on how big I am... My friend's dad told me every week when he sees me I look bigger, and I mean...duh. But I never feel that much bigger.

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