Saturday, July 10, 2010

29 weeks!

I have 10 weeks left. Less actually. I can not believe this!!!!!!!!!!! I feel ready.. but then when I think about it actually happening, I FTFO ( freak the fuck out ).My mom and aunt said they expect me to double in belly size.. and I really hope they were kidding.... Because I do not think I can deal with that. i can't even paint my toe nails anymore. I literally can not bend over unless I like, squat!!! I seriously am excited for Tuesday though! It's the big ultra sound day! I'm so freaking excited to see this little guy's face! I just am dying to know if he looks like me or LJ.

I'm just about done with the nursery... I can't understand why I'm so crazy to finish it now, when I clearly have a lot of time left, but I guess I just want to get it done, and then perfect it.. Because while I have everything in the dresser, washed and folded, it's not organized as well as I'd like it to be. I got 8 bins today in green and blue, and so now, I just need to get the book shelf to hold them all in. For now, I think they'll be holding the extra diapers and burp cloths and clothes (he has A TON) and then later for like, cars and such. I need to get him a toy chest. Seriously... the kid is a SRB already. :] yay!

It's really too hot to be pregnant. I already am cranky when it's hot. Add 20 pounds, raging hormones and humidity to the mix, and it's not very pleasant. It's really just miserable here. I am thinking if I ever decide to do this again, I'll be in Alaska for the 9 months.

And for all you antsy folks..... I made this the other day. But seriously! No more nursery pictures until I'm done!

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  1.'re nesting. I was freaking out cause I could literally do nothing. We hadn't closed on the house yet and I was on bedrest