Saturday, July 31, 2010

32 weeks

Oh the joys of pregnancy. I love waking up 33 times a night to pee, tend to charlie horses or trying to find yet another pillow. I'm pretty sure I'm up to 6 plus a body pillow now!
In all seriousness- Friday morning, I was woken up by the baby, having hiccups. I love it. I won't miss much about being pregnant, but I'll for sure miss feeling him wiggle and hiccup, and flip.
I have an appointment Monday morning-and I'm pretty sure (if I'm doing it at home correctly) I'm still measuring ahead. He's going to be so big. I can not believe I'm about to have a human come out of my lady parts. ewwwww The good news? Still no stretchmarks. The bad news? The baby's weight is going to double at this point, meaning I'm going to be getting some crazy looking ones I think.
I'm also beginning to worry that I'm not going to know what to do once I have him. I think that's a normal fear- but I'm so overwhelmed by this all- since I'll be riding solo.

I had a family meet Daizy a week ago. Last night, she had a sleep over at their house. They have the male version of her. She did well, and they've decided they would like to have her. I asked to keep her for one more week, so I can say good bye. I dont know if that's being selfish or not, but I can't let her go just yet. The good news is, these people go out of town often, and I'll be able to have her on those days. They seem like great dog people. They let the dogs on the couch and bed, and they give them table food... so it wont be much of a shock to the Dazer. I still just couldn't stop crying today once I picked her up and they said they wanted her. I then proceeded to have a huge pity party for myself, and went on to make some serious decisions as to what is going to happen when LJ gets here. Don't even ask how its related- pregnant brain wins.

He flys in the 14th, I'm being induced the 15th, and I assume we'll be home the 17th(ish).
He is ONLY welcome to stay in my home on THOSE days. It will just be too much for me to deal with. I will let him in the delivery room, but only because I feel as the father, he deserves that. But, because of that, I'm totally having my mom in the room with me. Maybe my sister. We'll see how I feel about that when the time comes.
I just don't want anymore stress than necessary..I think he's put me through enough of that within the last week.

Getting more room to go out!

Beach Ball Belly

Someone I knew in Texas has a blog, and I totally stole this last picture from her blog... but really? How fitting is that?

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