Saturday, July 24, 2010

31 weeks (or so I think....)

Wellllll-- it's hot. Like, really really really hot, and I'm not a fan. To stay inside, I've been doing the following fun activities:

Eating delicious 6 layer chocolate cake on dates with Monica and Caida.
Making cupcakes for Monica's daughter's first birthday party!
Watching Monica make fun of Kentuckians/Oklahomans
Laughing at the irony of license plates

Lounging around with Daizy (who is meeting a new family tomorrow, and it's making me burst into tears every 31 minutes)

And taking belly shots-- oh and getting my hair chopped off! I'm hoping it grows 2 inches by the time I give birth. I can't put it in a pony tail, so... it needs to get a little longer, or I'll cry.
Everything is going so well, minus my lack of sleep, but that's normal at this point I think. I really am very lucky. I mean, I am gaining a little more weight than I wanted, but still, it's less than other girls I've asked. Never really had morning sickness... my feet aren't super swollen (a little one time, but it was because I was standing too much) and the baby moves and his little heart beat is perfect, and I just love him. :] No diabetes, even though I should.. haha, I eat more candy than anyone I know.

I just can't believe how fast this has happened. I'm going to be having him so soon, I wanna explode.

LJ's mom got his ticket (thank god! I was so stressed about that)- so he'll be here Sept 14th so we can get everything situated for the 15th.. I'm so nervous for that. We are mostly civil, but I mean... we're getting a divorce for a reason.. I just hope that we don't fight too much while he's here. I also hope he is helpful, not just something to stress over, and lazy... baahaha like he wont be lazy. That was funny. But I mean, I just need some freggin help. He better do it, or his ass will NOT be staying with me and my little baby. :]

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