Tuesday, March 23, 2010

13 week check up

Everything went really well today with the doctor. I've gained 2lbs, baby's heart beat is amazingly beautiful, and I could listen to it all day, and then the drop this crap on me..." we need to test the baby for downs syndrome..."

I don't really know what to think of that. What I do know is that even if the outcome of the blood test is positive, there are a lot of false positives.. then they have to jab me with a needle in my stomach... and then they'll know for sure. But, even if that's the case... it's not like I'd get an abortion, so I really don't know if I want to or not. Although... if it IS positive, I'd at least like to know what to prepare myself for--thankfully, LJ and I are on the same page about this, so I think everything will be fine. I mean, I'm 23. The chances of that are slim to none... So thanks vagina doctor, for freaking me out. Because that's just what I needed after my craptastic day at work. My stupid boss is making me hate my job. I love interpreting.... I love it more than ANYTHING.... so, this she devil is making my life miserable. Apparently, I need to work on making other people "feel good" and for that, I say "screw you Pam. I do a great job interpreting. I could care less how you feel."

And that's all for that topic...

I hate not sleeping with my snoring husband. I mean, I hate sleeping with him while I'm there because I got kicked in the face, farted on, and snoring took place in my ear like, every night.... but on the flip side, he's so cuddly, and also? Really really ridiculously good looking, even when he's sleeping (mostly, except when he's mouth breathing with his HUGE mouth open..it makes me want to go Deaf. I hate it more than ANYTHING). So, thanks to Bill and JerrieLynne for making a smokin hot man for me. :)

I wrote out the list of guests for my baby shower, and I've come to the conclusion, that I should have made more girl friends -- because I can't invite the boys to my baby shower.... well, I could, but I doubt they'd go.

I keep having this dream, where I deliver a girl, but she looks like LJ, like.. as an adult, and I wake up freaking out. I do not want a man head on my little girl's body. No thank you to that. OH! Speaking of girls, or boys.... I am going to see the sex of my baby on May 8th officially, but I'm going to try and see if it's possible to get it some time before that, just so I can know for the baby shower.... and also... because I am getting very anxious.
LJ rubbed my belly and said "please be a boy" a million times, but I still feel like it might be a girl. Except when I'm bloated. Then I can believe it's a boy, because girls don't fart. It's scientific fact.


  1. Don't worry too much over the downs syndrome test. I've had at least two friends who had to go through the same test and came out with a perfect little baby. I think it's a common test nowadays.

  2. The test isn't a big deal. However....the jabbing you with a needle can do more harm than good. When I went in to the specialist they offered to jab and run more tests on her heart...I was on board until he explained what could go wrong, and I'd rather have a baby with a hole in her heart than no baby......thank God she turned out 100% perfect :)