Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupid Army.

So, LJ was supposed to be off for 3 days... work 3 days, and off for 4 days while I was here. But... he got called in at like, 7 to be there for like a few hours. That was freggin 6 hours ago. I'm so so sooooo bored. I cleaned the entire kitchen on Saturday...and that was GROSS. Stupid slut should have been doing it while staying here, but no. I was mopping and had to change the water before I was done... because the water was black. GROSS. Plus, because they all smoked inside for like what.... 5 months? 6 months? When I cleaned the windows, the paper towel was black. it was seriously more than I bargained for. I thought I'd have to tidy up a little, because I hate nastiness, but I wasn't prepared for this crap.

So, today, because the slut and the boys like, live on the couch, I cleaned it. Again, had to change the water midway, because it too was black. But, now its clean and smells nothing like an ashtray, so that's cool. And the room mate? Wouldn't stop smoking in his room. Good thing that's the guest room and not the baby's room huh? And my husband just lets this nonsense happen, because he wants everyone to be happy. (Apparently, everyone but me and the dang baby)

Then, I did the master bath, and I want some kind of prize... and I cleaned the room. So, I'm done. I'm not venturing into the barn room, and the babys room isn't going to even be touched until the room mates moved out, because the couch in there needs to go into the barn room.

The good news, -- well, as long as it lasts this time anyway-- is that the Slutty McBitchy and the roomie broke up, and LJ made her meet him at lowes last night to get a new door. And ps? Who leaves a douche bag at a boyfriends house? wtf?!??!

We registered at target--but I need to add more. It's a small target here... but I'm still glad we got some of that done, and that LJ could be involved, even though he could have cared less about that. I just thought he should be involved a little. I just feel like these next 2 1/2 months are going to fly by and then I move back here for good....and then it's freak out time. My MiL is coming in June to bring all my crap, and to help with the baby stuff before it comes, and to obviously see us, so that will be good, but I still want just as much done as possible.

We went to Home Depot, and picked out the hallway color, and laundry room color... we just need to wait for roomie to move out, and we can do the others. And, at Walmart, ...if it's a girl.... I found the PERFECT wall decals-- they're brown and pink circles! totally perfect.

What's not perfect, is me watching "a baby story"...I wanna puke. I want every drug I can get to make this baby's delivery as easy as it can be. Call me selfish, don't care. I dont want to go through that. And also? I hope by baby dosen't come out purple with white gunk on it. I dont remember LeAnne and Alan looking like that. I was a kid... but I can't remember it. I think they should wash it off first, because really? Yuck city.

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