Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well well well... looks like tomorrow is it. I'm getting ready to go to ky -- which is so lame. I hate getting ready to travel. I love to fly and love road trips... but uuugh. I hate it. But the good news is, I'm eating viva, no one broke in to the house like I assumed... apparently the dogs were pushing it out, when I thought a big scary man was pulling it open or something... whatever.Point is... things are going smoothly so far. Which is good, because I freak out before a flight. not because I'm afraid to fly.. my father would kill me if that were the case... but because all my life I've flown standby, and not knowing always kills me. Now that I've bought a ticket, it's on SW so... I dont know where I'll sit. I hope to God it's not by a stinky fat man, a smelly old lady, or an Asian. I'm not racist towards Asians... but they tend to puke on the plane... and so... no thank you to that.

My little baby hasn't been moving much lately, but it is a-growin. I can't really button any of my pants anymore. I dont look pregnant.. I look fat, and it's saddening me... to the extreme.

Also? everyone besides the 2 other interpreters at work are making me want to stab someone in the neck. Like seriously, I hate this crap sometimes. I love my job... hate the politics of it!

In other news- my dog hasn't had an accident, or eaten a couch this week, so I bought her some prizes for when she's at my mothers. I hope she sneeks into their room and cuddles with them. To see my dad's face if that were to happen would be totally worth the screaming for 3 days. :)

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