Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweet Baby Jesus, we agreed.

So, after many lengthy arguments about our "son's" name, we've decided to go with Christopher Andrew. I hate the name Andrew as a first name, because it's bound to be shortened to Andy.... I just can't have that.

Christopher is a beautiful name, I wanted Christopher Joseph, but my little cousin is that, so... :( bummer, but LJ really wanted Andrew. Plus? I couldn't keep track of the AJ, CJ,LJ thing, so this is perfect.

And, for the girl, Sophia Marie. So perfect. :) So, basically, I just need it to be a girl. :) I don't know how to play with a boy! I like barbies, and dress up, and nail polish and make up.... Not so much a fan of the GI Joe... unless it's barbie's boy friend. haha....

And... it's 10:15p... Work is going to be a SUCK FEST tomorrow with our meeting, and I might just have a bad case of morning sickness if things get crazy. Oh the joys of being pregnant!


  1. You better be at that meeting, missy! And I'm still up too....10:18...ugh! I'm not feeling the whole getting up in the morning thing. Especially because of what we have to get up for.

  2. Yay! Good that choice!