Sunday, June 13, 2010

25 weeks!

I'm huge! Like, really really huge. I feel big, but I never realize how huge I am until I post a picture on here. Sheesh...

Things pregnancy wise are pretty great. Nothing to really note, except my hip is seriously killing me. I can hardly put pants on anymore without sitting down, because it hurts to lift my leg sometimes. It is awful.

Other than that? Smooth sailing. I just can't wait to meet this guy.

Emotionally? I'm so messed up its not even funny. Like, obviously LJ and I still disagree on shit, but he does this thing, where he twists everything back on me--and by NO means am I perfect, but today he's being a huge asshole, and it sucks. Yesterday? Like the nicest guy ever.

So, I know I'm on an emotional roller coaster just from the hormones, but he's the one controlling it, and I fucking HATE that he still can do that to me. I really wish I hated him. would just make this so much easier. But I dont. I still think he's a decent guy, and I can't bring myself to hate him.

I just wish I did.

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