Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm almost done!!!

So, on Wednesday, the wall paper was 100% off my bathrooms and my bedroom, and the bedroom wall was done... Yesterday, I had a whole army of people at my house helping.
My mom hobbled up stairs and helped take off wall paper, my MiL was in town, and helped with the wall paper ( it was freaking insane how hard that huge part was to take off) my dad and soon to be uncle painted the HUGE wall, then today... we are like 98% done! I just have to do the trim of the kitchen-- and I'm done. I owe everyone big time for all the help.
I would NOT have been able to get it all done myself.

I'm so excited to be done, with all my crap in it :]

Tomorrow is 27 weeks.. I can't believe how fast the time is flying by... my little boy is going to be here before I know it!

... I still miss him like crazy.

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  1. Cant wait to see the FINISHED HOME!!!