Sunday, June 20, 2010

"I wanna find someone to date, but I can't because I talk to you 50% of my day. That's not how single people do things"

but I can tell you what they DO do

They get drunk, and lie and say they only had one beer at their little friends' bday parties.
They text you at 2am telling you they played beer bong...

Yep. THIS is the father of my child.... I'm just really SoOoOooOooooOoOOooo excited for him to be a role model to our son.... I hope my kid grows up lying and playing beer pong. I wonder if lying is a hereditary trait?

And to think-all night I was crying because I missed him so much....I'm a fucking idiot.

I like how I'm a fucking door mat to him. It's awesome. I really hope karma comes and kicks him in the balls as hard as possible.
Fuck it. I'm done.

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  1. Okay so I'm cracking up, I'm sorry, it's not funny and You're not an're or you were a women in love and that makes us all do what seems like stupid shit. I found your blog and was drawn to it because me and hubby are working on baby number three and I've truly enjoyed reading about your journey thus far. Thanks for sharing and yeah karma is def a bytch!