Wednesday, June 23, 2010

26 weeks

I'm a bit late in posting this...but I had an appointment yesterday, so, I guess it all works out. :]

I am HUGE now! I cant imagine getting any bigger.. I really cant. I've gained about 17 pounds. I hope to only gain 10 more, but at this rate, I'll gain 20 more. so, I've decided to drastically cut out sugar. I was drinking like 40oz slurpies, and caffeine free sodas, but not diet (obviously), and candy candy candy galore! ...and of course carbs, so thats cool...

So, since I'm moving into the condo, I've decided to not buy any SUPER sugary foods. I'm not going to depreive myself of some candy/sugar because really? That's just not me, but I want to cut back, if not for me, for the baby. He's going come out fending for sugar. hah...

Speaking of which, I have the worst appointment ever in 2 weeks.... the gestational diabetes test. I've heard such horror stories about it, that I'm afraid I might vomit from drinking that orangie sugary crap. ugh.... I'm dreading it so much.

So, I painted my bedroom wall a beautiful blue, and I'm very excited about it! ..but the whole time I was painting, I was thinking of LJ...of course. The first time I painted the house we bought, he had to keep running to the store to get more of the dark blue in the living room, becasue since they were new walls, the paint just sucked it up like it was nobody's business. He was so great about it too.. he never complained about it, he just laughed at me for not wanting to buy the whole gallon of paint, instead of sending him out to buy quarts. I really wish I hadn't taken those times for granted.

George came over and unknowingly saved me from myself I guess. He took down the wall paper, and I don't like crying in front of people, so I stopped. He was a HUGE help. He's like a freaking mad man removing the wall paper. It took him like 10 mins, and it took me hours and hours to remove one wall. He did both bathrooms in like 30 mins, and said he would do the kitchen too. He's a great friend :]

So, that's about it as far as baby news... he's healthy, I'm healthy AND they approved the 15th for the induction date, so LJ will get here on the 13th (just in case they want to do it the 14th) and he can stay until the 26th to spend time with our son.... I just can't wait to meet him. It's coming up!

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