Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad....

Today would have been my biological dad's birthday. Every year I called my grandma on this day and she told me funny stories about him and other random facts, and now that she's gone, its a really weird day. I can't say I miss him, because I only knew him for a few months of my life. But I still am just so curious as to what my life would have been like with him in it.
When I was a little girl, I thought he was really alive but just didn't like me so he was hiding from me. I'd have awful nightmares about it.
I had a dream that I had my baby, and he looked exactly like my dad. Crazy huh? I mean, that is very possible, since I apparently look just like him, but I really think this is an Earle baby.We'll see though I guess.

In other news, I got the condo, and today I bought everything for the big move in. I have the keys, but I refuse to start working on it until the AC can be turned on, which will be Monday... so I have tomorrow to get ready.
No one will let me paint. But no one is offering to help, so really? I'm going to be doing it. Its not like it would have been any different in KY. LJ never helped me with any paint projects, and when we were separated the first time, he got high on ADHD meds and painted the master bedroom terribly. It was a funny story, but it was a crappy paint job, so I wouldn't have let him do the baby's room anyway.
But, now that I'm alone in this, I just want to get it done. it's very annoying. I'm not unbalanced or anything, and I bought a painting mask. I'll be fine. I just need a freggin ladder.
I bought brown for the baby's room, blue for mine, dark red for the living room and dining area and yellow for the kitchen. I'm super excited. Pictures will be posted when it's done! :)

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