Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, this was taken on my bday-- I really love this dress. It's the most comfortable thing to wear EVER. so, there's that for 21 weeks. :]

LJ and I had a HUGE fight today about ....MONEY!! shocker. I know I bring it up a lot, but gosh- that's all I'm going to get for the "help" from him.
Other new moms have the dad THERE helping, but nope- not me.

So really? He can shove it. I'm not asking for a lot.. just enough for the baby to have stuff. I mean, I obviously have to work now, so he has to pay for daycare, and other necessary things, and I just don't think he gets that. If he could just see how hard its going to be for me, he might, but he can't pull his head out of his ass long enough to see what I'm going through. For him, it's always about money. His entire life revolves around it, so now that I'm asking for financial help, before the child support is mandated, he's basically, for lack of a better term, shitting bricks.

He told me this ( and I quote ): I'd rather not be in his life, than to be in his life with you. You're a money grubbing bitch.

And how kind of him to tell me that while I was at work! Man oh man -- I got myself a winner.
I really have no feelings toward him anymore, other that hate...which sucks. I never wanted to hate him, but he's really become someone I don't know anymore. I use to think the world of him...now? not so much.
But, as my bestie said, I have the only good part of him, and I'll be the only one that is able to experience all Nic's firsts, not him. So, while this isn't a game, I will throw my little "i win!" in there, because while I lost a husband...I gained so much more than he will ever be able to know.

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