Thursday, May 13, 2010

no! not SARS!!!

So, Big Red is in the hospital. Kinda scary. I mean, she's about as old as God now.(putting her in at 87 years old).

I was able to get to the hospital -- but I had to wear a sars mask [per my father's orders]. I thought I looked really snazzy!
Grandma was in good spirits though.. she let Cheryl put some make up on her, and even do her hair :)

Her oxygen isn't where they'd like it to be, and with breathing treatments it's improving, but we're all still pretty nervous. She has pneumonia, so hopefully the antibiotics will pull her out of it, but who really knows. What I do know, is that she looks pretty good for going through all that. She's not one to give up easily though.. she had a brain aneurysm like, 14 years ago or something, and they said she wouldn't make it, but look at her... still alive and kickin'!

I think she'll pull out of this one just fine.

In baby related news, my hip is freggin killing me, and apparently its from the baby. I just dont know how that is possible, but what do I know? I mean, he's tiny still! You wouldn't guess it by looking at me though. I almost died when I saw the pictures from Mother's day.. I look like a damn whale. :(
LJ news? he said he wants a DNA test. I was kinda offended, but then he said it was for tricare... but still. I mean, we all know it's his, yes? Look at the dang legs!

So, I looked it up on line -thank you Google- and the only reason it's mandatory, is if we weren't married, or if he refused to sign the birth certificate... so, I guess we'll see on that one. I was just really sad he even brought it up. :/

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