Friday, May 7, 2010

it's a BOY!!!!!


So... I have a little boy!!! I'm so excited. He was so good about letting us see him. I saw it before the tech actually said anything about it, because he is NOT shy apparently. :)
.I'm so glad everything checked out ok with him. I mean, I knew it was a boy, so that wasn't much of a surprise.. but to know he is right on schedule and he's growing perfectly is great.He's fat though. He's supposed to be measuring at about 8oz.... and he's a chunker, weighing in at 13oz. So, take that everyone who said I need to gain more weight.

He was a wiggly mess again, and showed us he had all his fingers, and that he can move his little feet perfectly.. not that I didn't know that with all the kicking.. hah.
But he's just perfect. I think he might have my nose, and LJ's mouth. That's the only thing I wanted him to have of LJ's.. his lips. That man has some nice lips. So..I'm hoping our son will have that. HOW WEIRD IS THAT!?! our son... man, that's going to take some getting used to. hah..

My mom, nona, and MiL came. It was pretty good. I mean... a little strange but like I've said a million times, normalcy really isn't my style.

We all went out to breakfast and then shopping when everything was done at the hospital, and we got some really cute boy stuff. Its really not fair that little girl stuff is so so SO much cuter, but whatever. This kid is going to have the most hilarious shirts ever. Because really? Who likes boring babies. NO ONE. that's who.

I'm just so happy! I'm thinking it's going to be Nicolas Giovianni. I think that sounds perfect. And then, earle to even it out... hah. He will also have my last name in there so there's that. And when he's old enough, he can decide which name to pick. I just think he deserves that option.... I mean, I'd like both in there, but I'm just imagining when he gets married and the girl is strong willed like me and unwilling to drop her name.. so she'll have an insanely long last name.. hah.. or maybe I'll just make it part of the middle name?!
I have no idea. I have 20 more weeks to decide this.


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