Sunday, May 16, 2010


I was thinking this birthday would be uneventful. Wrong.

At work, my co-worker Becky made me the most delicious cupcakes I think I've ever had. Seriously. Not just, "I'm pregnant and I like food" kind of delicious. Like, honest to God, the best ever. They were brownie cheesecake raspberry cupcakes. Simply amazing.

After work, I decided to shop for some maternity pants, and some baby related items. What could be better than shopping for your birthday? Nothing, thats what! I got a ton of stuff too.. and a boppy with dinosaurs on it!!! But the most amazing purchase that day? An adorable dino outfit for the baby.
How cute is that!!!???!!! I had to get it, simply because a friend of mine calls me pregosaurus.

Then... I went to a very late dinner at Sweet Tomatoes with my family, which again, was delicious. But really? Can you go wrong making your OWN salad? No. You can not. I am like, the salad master there too, because every bite is equally delicious. In fact, I want a salad right now. Only from there. I think they might have crack in their ranch dressing though, because I rarely like any other ranch.

Then, the hilarity started. George picked me up around 10 to go to this concert... I've never heard of this group playing, but I figured-what the heck. I cant go to a bar, rock climbing or anything else fun... so I'll go. All the boys were going to be there, and I haven't really seen anyone but Porge and Chris, so I thought it would be a blast. And I was right.

We get down town, and everything is wonderful. Minus all the drunk people and smoke, but I could deal with it, we were, after all, outside. Everything was very fun. Until this BP and his little friend sit with us, and made it awkward, then a blind lady sat behind him, who decided to yell at George for something, and blah blah blah.
While there, an ex gf of Matt's showed up. Got totally TOTALLY drunk, and got kicked out of the dang bar.. mind you- she's older than me, so she really should know better. Stupid skank. She puked all over Mike's car, and it was quite nasty--or so I hear. I've never actually had anyone vomit in my car, but I can only imagine the horror- since I'm emitophobic and such.

While Mike was getting vomited on- George, Chris, Grant and I went to Chris' house and played a little thing called Rock Band, for old times sake. :)

All in all, very good birthday. :)

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