Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

I'm getting really anxious for tomorrow. I can't wait to see the baby, and see what their sex is. I really thought it was a girl before.... now I'm not sure. I think now that I'm doing this alone, it might be better to have a boy.... but I don't really know.
[side note...]This morning, I was listening to Less Than Jake, and Reel Big Fish.... the baby LOVES Ska! Loves it. Either that, or it;s kicking me to turn that crap off... but I prefer to think it's dancing in there. It was cracking me up. I'd turn it off for a second or two, and it would stop moving, and then as soon as I turned the music back on, they were wiggling again.


My Mom, Nona and MiL are going to be coming to the US. Everyone is thinking it's pretty weird that I'm having her come... but I mean, its not her fault her son is a DB. She is still the grandma -- and she's really excited about this....I wish her son were as excited. Seriously, he's just... not himself anymore. He's changed, and I think that for the sake of my sanity, and the baby, the divorce is the best option. It just sucks that he wasn't willing to have it work.

I'm becoming more and more concerned about where I'm going to live, what to do with my car, and where to work. I mean, those are obvious concerns, but everyone keeps saying "it will all work out" or "take it one day at a time".....I want to f-ing slap those people. Yeah, it will work out. Yeah, obviously I HAVE to take it one day at a time. its not like I have a choice on that---idiots---

I just want a job to fall into my lap. hah... I have a meeting with my boss on May 18th, and I'm hoping because the students like me, I'll be hired back... I doubt it though. I would even do the whole "maternity leave with out pay" idea for a little bit. I can handle that. But I want this job back. I never thought I would, but I do. Rather, I need it, and I enjoy the students here, so it works for me.

That condo idea was terrible! It was a one bedroom, and I can't deal with that. Ideally, I want an apt or condo or anything really, with 2 bedrooms. If not I can work with it, but it has to be a biiiiiiig bed room. I have a lot of junk, so will the baby. But, the condo I was looking at was furnished, and it was UGLY. So I'd have to pay rent there, plus storage. DUMB. So now, I am looking at a little apt 2 bed 2 bath, but no washer/dryer. And.... I need that. So... help!


  1. Yay! I'm excited to hear what the tiny dancer is! Sorry to hear about LJ being a douche. Men. I'll cross my fingers for a little boy. They're a lot of fun and who needs a man in your life when you've got a LITTLE man?! (Plus,I obviously have a lot of boy things if you need anything :D) Anyway, good luck tomorrow, Gina!