Tuesday, May 25, 2010

22 weeks

So-- today was my normal appointment just to do the weigh in, check my blood for Downs and everything else that's super scary, and hear the heart beat.

Everything was absolutely perfect. The baby's heart beat is so so SO strong, that my doctor joked that he was showing off.. I recorded it on my phone, and was able to play it in iTunes, but I can't figure out how to put it on here, so I'm kinda sad about that... but oh well. I went to my aunts work, then my mom's house, and they were both finally able to FEEL the baby kick! He's super active today, and I'm so glad they were able to experience that with me. :)

I've gained 10lbs so far. Seems like a lot, but most people, apparently, have gained 14 by now, so I'm still under, even though the baby is a chunker. So, since he's healthy and growing perfectly, there's no need to worry. I really didn't get yelled at this time! Yay! I just feel HUGE these days. Like, unattractively huge, so I can't imagine what I'll look like at 32 weeks. sheesh.

I talked to my doctor about being induced so LJ could be there for it all, obviously I didn't tell her WHY- but she said it was fine. I just told her with the Army, we didn't really know what was up with his schedule, and if I could give him a fo sho date, it would be helpful. So now all I have to do it pick a day. I would like the 8th, but that's too soon for him to come I think, so I might pick the 15th or 18th. Not sure yet. How cool is THAT though? I get to pick my kids bday!? I better make it a good one. 18th would be cool, because it would be his "wish year" but I don't even know if boys do that. I have so much to learn!

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  1. if you want the 18th, i'd pick the 17th, because you could be in labor for the whole day! (or 2 like me :/...) or you could be like monica and have him in a few hours! either way, the 18th is a great day. but i'm a tad biased since that's the day that jordan was born. :D