Monday, May 31, 2010

23 Weeks

Well... 16 weeks left! I think LJ and I have decided that Sept 15th is the "big day"...that way he can be here... and I like things on a nice solid number. 15 is right in the middle, so I think that's good. I just have to make sure my doctor thinks its ok. I dont see why not. Because according to MY calculation, I'm due the 20th anyway, and that first bitchy US tech said it would be the 20th too.

Anyway, last night I was in a wedding. It turned out beautifully. I cant believe I cried though.. pregnancy really makes you a wuss.

I think LJ is going to come down here Wednesday, and we're going to do some more baby stuff, and check out the hospital and stuff.

Oh.. ha. We met up last week to discuss everything, and it went pretty well. Some tears, some yelling, but overall, we kinda set things up. Kinda. The baby wouldn't kick for him, but the next morning, we went to get bagels and he kicked a little. I'm hoping when we meet on Wednesday, he'll kick for LJ again. We'll see.

The baby kicks so much, its not even funny. I love it so much!

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