Saturday, April 17, 2010

17 weeks!

Well, today I'm 17 weeks :) Nothing much has changed really... I feel the baby moving more often, and it's very exciting! I am feeling overwhelmed with stress about everything lately though. The move, the relationship LJ and I will have once I actually do move, the house, and getting it ready, because sluts ruin things, and just... everything. Work has been really stressful for me lately. Not because of the students or anything.. and really, there's only like...24 days left but I just want it to be over NOW.

I got to go out with the girls last night. It was crazy. It was Sara, Monica and Spi. With Monica it's been constant. I talk to her often, and see her more often than anyone else, but I havent seen Spi or Sara in years and years..not one thing has changed. :) We went to skybox, which was kinda lame. I felt really bad, because the last time I was there it was nice! But, the high light of my night? Seeing Omally's guy. There is a band called "80s and Gentlemen" who are pretty decent, but this creepy old guy goes to every single show and dances and looks like crap. I love it. Freggin HILLARIOUS. Although, I got made fun of for drinking orange soda, it was a good night.

I really miss LJ lately. I mean, I always miss him, but lately this sucks. 40 more days or so though---that's not too bad.

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