Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doctor's visit...

So, just got back from my doctor... I've only gained 5lbs, normally, people at 17 weeks have gained 10 apparently, but everything is PERFECT. The baby's heart beat was very strong ( she let me listen to it for like, a minute, so now I shall bake a cake for her... I should learn to bake first....) and the baby kicked while she was listening, so I could hear that... it was like a little pop and she started cracking up... I thought it was like, a gas bubble or something popping, so I said sorry, and she said oh no no no-- your little one is an active little thing. FACT- this baby is a ninja-FACT.

Other than that, I was very very disappointed to learn I can not get the Ultra Sound until May 7th-ish because they won't be able to see anything until the 20 week mark, and TriCare won't let me do 2.... and I thought about doing the 3-D one, but I want to wait to do that until its cooked a little longer, and actually looks like a baby. So, I talked to my MiL about it, and she's going to go ahead and use the first US picture and put that on the invitation, and then on the 7th, I'll go buy some pink or blue paper and send that out..maybe. I don't know. I'm so upset about it, and the timing of the baby shower. Oh well.....

All I know is Baby Earle is healthy and active, and I really can't ask for much more. They didn't do any testing for Downs or anything, because I didn't want to take more than one day off work for everything, so I'll jsut do those tests on May 7th if possible too. All in all, good visit, minus being yelled at for not eating enough. I DO eat enough, just not enough to make me a whale.

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