Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The (current) Love of My Life

....is not my husband. No, it is celery. I can not get enough of it.. I'm constantly eating it, and I don't know why. There is NOTHING in it that I need. And I kinda feel bad eating so much of it, because it's filling me up-but doing nothing for this baby that has taken over my body... but I don't care. I love celery.

I also love my husband, because he finally told AHRM ( ass hat room mate) and SWPITW ( skankzilla worst persson in the world ) to get the house fixed by the end of this week or that stupid slut is on her ass. Yay for that! She is so freggin lazy, and the one time LJ actually asked her to be lazy, she decided to get all dressed up for the UPS guy (after all, she is a SKANK) and didn't hear the door bell, because she was drying her hair. Yay for my husband though, because he told her to get the f out of the house, and blah blah blah... my heart swoons for him when he does that kind of stuff. hahaha.... seriously though? I'm glad he finally said something, because I've been getting really nervous about the house not being ready.. I just wish he'd actually get the ball rolling on painting our room, because I don't want to sleep in fumes.

In other news...I've gained a total of 4lbs, and today is my dr appt, so we'll see if I'm in trouble or not. She better not yell. I don't want to get all fat and gross this early. Also-- any one know of any good lotions (BESIDES COCOA BUTTER BECAUSE I KNOW THAT DOESN'T WORK) that prevent stretch marks? I really don't want to deal with those bad boys. I mean, I know I'm bound to have SOME but.... I just don't want to look like a tiger.


  1. Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.

  2. What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze?