Sunday, April 11, 2010

Does this outfit make me look pregnant?

So-I got a pair of capri brown pants, and a really cute skirt. it's black and white ( of course ) and I'm thinking it might be too crazy printed for work, but I'll find out tomorrow, because I'm going to wear it. ha... I think with a solid color shirt I'll be fine. But I was really lucky to even find it, because even the smalls at the stores are too big for me in the butt area, so jean skirts are out, so are the cargo ones, which sucks, but ooooh well! I can still wear my stretchy jeans (pictured) but they're not as comfortable as they were last week. With that being said... I can't believe I'm already freggin 16 weeks! Time is really going by fast... I am loving this trimester.

I took my sister to get her prom dress this morning, and next door was a Babies-R-Us, so I finished up the registration thing there so that was cool, but..... I, am very upset. I got a little thing to listen to the baby's heart beat, and it had an adapter that I can record it on the computer, so I could email it to the grandma's and LJ and... it doesn't work. I'm very sad by this, because it seems like the COOLEST THING EVER, but it's just a liar. :( Maybe I can record it some how at my dr appt - even though I'm really nervous for that one... it's the Downs test appt, along with all the other tests, and if they yell at me this time, I'm going to be mad, because I've gained 4.6lbs now.

I'm really getting anxious to find the sex --- I really just NEED to know NOW!
Other than that inconvenience... everything is going well. The only thing that is not comfortable is my nose. I'm really stuffy! Oh, and I guess my feet... wihch is weird since I haven't really gained much weight, but I think it's just me being dumb and wearing the wrong shoes all the dang time.

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