Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's really no suprise that LJ and I don't have the best relationship's really hard to have a "normal" relationship when I'm in AZ, he's in KY and I'm pregnant.... So all we really have is the phone. No biggie right? Apparently so. This is really hard for me, and I'm constantly worring about like... the house, and if his room mate and the slut are going to hvae everything ready, and I'm really stressed about that. I'm also stressed for obvious reasons. I mean, LJ and I were really close to divorce status, then we diceded to try to make it work, and then SHBAM- I have this amazing baby inside of me. I wouldn't trade it for the world... Seriously.

But lately I've been hesitant to move back, because LJ just... I dont know. He seems to not like me... and we have this on going "joke" if you will... we dislike everything the other stands for. I'm stressed 24/7 a clean freak who like, never sleeps.
He is the exact opposite.
I like talking, he hates it. I like being around my family, he'd rather be alone...

Stuff like that. And before, it was like.... it was ok. But lately, we argue about everything -- and more and more it's about being the phone. THE PHONE! I mean, I think we SHOULD be on the phone quite often, ebcause that's all we freggin have...right? Yeah, I'm right about this one.

SO we had a lengthy chat about it all last night.... nothing is solved because he's in Michigan.. so... I guess we'll see next week huh?

....wish me luck....

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