Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm tired of people saying "oh you're better off with out him"... I mean.. no. Not really. I mean I probably am, since he's been a HUGE ass to me lately.. but the baby isn't.. so this all just kinda is lame.

Its going to be fun when the kid says "mommy? where is daddy?" and I say "oh sorry baby, he didn't like mommy calling him more than once a day, so he abandoned us.. but don't worry! he says he's going to get to know you one day!!"

I'm just hoping he somehow mans up and becomes more of a father than everyone (myself included) assumes he will be. I mean... I had no doubt before. Now..? who knows. Its not like he had the best example on what a good father looks like.

On a side note, I just got the grandmas and 2 of the great grandmas their mother's day presents, and I'm pretty pleased with myself :)
And I got the most adorable pillow for the nursery.


that's all I guess... if you're in the praying mood? Do it, and do it hard please. :)