Thursday, April 8, 2010


After dragging Monica to 2 different maternity stores now, I finally found the perfect dress :) I'm returning the ugly one I got at mother hood on Saturday...
But, I LOVE this dress! I went in a pea in a pod like, 6 weeks into the pregnancy, and loved that dress....hate the price but whatever. I LOVE IT

And, I found a new item from Tiffany&co, and it is PERFECT because it's a heart and key. :) And I tried on the ring I wanted ( LJ in case you read this, it was size 7.5)and I love it. So, yay for that!

All in all, today was lame at work, but since I got there at freggin 6:50am 2 days this week, I was able to leave at 3 today, and I'll leave at 3 tomorrow, and it is amazing. I really hate being there that early though, because it is dead, and the first day I was there that early, I locked myself out of the dang teachers lounge, so I couldn't get into the office, and basically, I was screwed until I begged another teacher to let me in the lounge. And of course, that was a day when my coworkers weren't there right at 7 ha...go figure right? Oh well. This week has gone be soooo slow and I'm quite pleased that tomorrow is Friday. :)

I feel amazing these days... I still get a bit light headed, but other than that, I feel great. Certain foods still turn me off, but I mean.... that's fine. Also? I think I've gained a total of 4lbs now, so I guess that's good, even though I feel like a freggin blimp!


  1. you forgot to add that he NEEDS to get you the ring soon...since there are only 60something left

  2. That dress is adorable!!!