Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun work times, and no more skanks!

So... yesterday was the best work day EVER. There are two clients that we interpret for ( there are 3 of us, which makes it pretty much amazing) were both absent. So, at first, I was upset that we had to go in at all. But... I basically just made my husband's life 100% easier. I looked on the Tiffany&Co's website, and not only found him my birthday wish, but also, "hey you just pushed out a human, here's a present" wish. Both are simple, and adorable.

Because he should want me to have a VERY Happy Birthday:
<span class=Photobucket" border="0">

Ear Rings for allowing a human to grow inside of me:
<span class=Photobucket" border="0">

I've been obsessed with that ring style since the first time I met my MiL. She has this amazingly simply yet beautiful silver ring, from Sundance, and its discontinued! Jerks! Anyway, I have my "love the life you live" one, and it's nice, I love it, but I just love Tiffany's more. I swear I'm not a prissy girl that only likes jewelry for a gift, but since our wedding, my DH has just been good about Tiffanys! And, it just makes for an easy gift picking experience for him. So, really? I'm just trying to keep the guy happy. :)

So, after the Tiffany's experience..... we decided to go to lunch. But first, one of the other interpreters, Rachel, wanted to go look at some shoes at payless, and like I'd ever refuse shoe shopping? Yeah right. So, we all went! Becky and I rode together, and followed Rach, because she had to go to a professional development thing... I still don't know what it is exactly... but anyway. We got to Payless, and I was cracking up. We were all aisles away from each other. I'm telling you, it was funny. So after an unsuccessful journey for shoe shopping, we tried on sunglasses.

This is Becky as an old man, and myself, as an old lady. I don't really think this is the case, but she insisted that she looked like an old man, in aviators.
<span class=Photobucket" border="0">

And this is me, after buying the old man aviators. hah
<span class=Photobucket" border="0">

After that, we went to Applebees. I have been craving french onion soup from panara since.... about week 6, and I was VERY excited when I saw it on the menu for the bees! But, sadly, it wasn't the same. My spinach and shrimp salad was good though. :) Baby wanted mozzarella sticks.... ok I lied. I wanted them. haha.. but I ate quite healthy..go me!

And just now, my DH called and gave me the worlds best news! The slut is gone!!!! wooooohoooooo!


  1. Seriously?! She's gone??? That's amazing!!! And they don't look like old man glasses on YOU...just on me. You look stylin' in them. And it just looks like you should be saying something like, "Bomber one, this is bomber two...copy that...10-4/" :)

  2. That's a 10-4 Becky! :) I had a blast with you!