Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lemon aid Lemon aid Lemon aid!

I have been drinking lemon aid NON-STOP today. Really, it started last week, when I went to subway. I randomly ordered one, and it was delicious. Then, before running some work related errands, I was quite parched, so I went to order one at a fast food place which shall remain un-named because I hate that place. :) THEN! Today, I had some weird craving for Chick-Fil-A.
Actually, it wasn't weird. I was shopping at El Con Mall (yuck city! I don't speak Spanish, and I was born in America, so I didn't really belong there), because I am in a wedding in May. Actually, the day before I move back to KY. I am going to be super pregnant at that point.. and that's weird. Anyway, there was a Chick-Fil-A in the same shopping area, along with a Target (I think I should be banned from Target by the way, but that's another topic!). So after spending a kajillion dollars at Target, and resisting buying baby crap and buying raspberry lemon aid, I went to get some waffle fries. And I thought that was it. But.... I got a whole meal, lemon aid included, and Sweet Baby Jesus it was delicious. But, I will say, their lemon aid has pulp in it... anyone that knows anything about me, knows I HATE PULP!!! And Sierra Mist. God help you if you try to pass that crap off for Sprite. I know the difference. Just ask my poor unsuspecting husband. Poor guy. hahah.....

So, the pregnancy thing? I love it. I figured out what works and what doesn't. Eating cereal for breakfast works.. anything else doesn't. Which.... is very weird, considering I didn't really like cereal much before. I like food you actually cook, and I blame that fully on my Mother, because that woman made us breakfast all the time... and I really hope I'm half the mother she is. I'm super lucky to have had her cooking me home made meals every day. And, as Elijah will GLADLY tell you... I didn't have kool-aid until I was 19 years old. I basically hope to shelter this baby from all that crap for as long as possible too!! poor thing. hahaha...

I'm really excited for Tuesday! I have my first OB appt... and while it will be OH so uncomfortable, it will be worth it. Really? Does anyone really sit and think "man oh man.. when I grow up? I want to be a doctor that shoves my hands in women"? I guess so, and that is disturbing. Big time. Yuck. And, like..25 days or so after that, I'll be going to KENTUCKY! woohoo!!! What's even more exciting, is that I'll start posting pregnancy pictures around that time. I just didn't really want to post anything until 3 months or so. I did take a before picture though. Although, I didn't know it was a before picture. I think it was the end of November or begining of November.. and I'm sure I gained some serious weight over the holidays, because again, my mother is an amazing cook, and so is my Nona. So... I was kinda screwed. I will say this though.. my 16 year old sister and I still can wear the came jeans! haha...

In other news.. Jazmine is sleeping soundly on my bed. Poor little cat. Daizy is a bully. Ha. Literally. She's a pitbull mix. She's mixed with idiot though, because that dog is dumb. I think I have to find her another home before this baby's born. :(

Sunday is valentines day. Notice it is not capitalized. It is because I loathe that day. Yes, I love presents, flowers and candy, but no, I do not need Halmark to force me to celebrate it. Elijah bought me a Zune last year, and I loved it, but he smartly gave it to me after v-day. But, I am going to my parents house, because my mother is making us all chicken parm and angel hair. And I bought my Dad a special valentines gift, called pink and white peanut M&Ms. It's his weakness.

Monday? Work...hopefully things are better there.. then the other job.. then dinner with my MiL SiL and GiL... maybe FiL?

Tuesday, the OB appt!
yay Tuesday!

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