Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, I weighed myself again this morning. I've lost FOUR pounds since January 21st. So, if every calculation is correct, I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and have LOST weight. I mean, I'm not a small girl by any means, but I thought only super over weight people lost weight when they got pregnant? My doctor had told me that by week 12, I should have gained around 5 pounds. I mean, usually, I'll all for losing weight, but I'm just a little worried. My mom keeps telling me I need to nourish her grandchild. I agree, but I just can't seem to eat that much. For breakfast, I HAVE to eat, or I get sick from the prenatals.... I eat lunch every day--my coworkers can vouch for me on that! I just have a hard time eating more than rice and oreos for dinner. OH! Speaking of dinner.....I made rice & FRENCH ONION SOUP! And, get was Campbell's. Freaking Campbell's caned soup. And it was amazing. I can't believe this. I've been on a quest for 8 weeks now, and it was just right there. Insane.

So.. tomorrow is the big day! First Sonogram! My mom just called to tell me she was sick though.... and I REALLY don't want to go alone for this. I might have to bring my sister. And now? I'm crying, because my freaking husband should be there with me but no. Like anything could ever be easy right? 14 more days. And bad news, the sluts back--but LJ reassured me, she won't be there when I'm there. Because I will slap sluts. :)


  1. Please be excited for the sonogram and IGNORE the negatives in your life! I wish I could be with you, but LeeAnn will be a HUGE support and probably FUN too!!! Call Me! MiL

  2. Well, I'm hoping my mom makes a quick recovery. I'd prefer her to LeAnne, but--- I guess I don't have many choices :(