Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sick Husband.

So, LJ apparently got food poisoning last night. I believe the bad food was helped along with the beer, but I'm no doctor. Anyway, I hadn't heard from him all day--so I was upset, mad, really pissed, then worried. So I freaked out. This baby? Does not like me freaking out. So, he/she decided to make me sick until I heard from LJ. Which was by the way 5pm Tucson time. 7pm Kentucky time. So you can see why I was so pissed at first yes? I called my MiL even! She was quite helpful. My favorite thing about having a relationship with her...even though it doesn't happen often? Ganging up on LJ. Most fun a girl can have. :)

Anyway, all is well. I got my prenatal vitamins on Friday, and while they are huge and smell like what I imagine death to smell like, they're getting the job done, and I feel good about this all. I just can't wait until I can see the baby through an US or SG. One more week until I hear ANYTHING.. then a few weeks after that I get to see my DH..and his room mates. BOOOOO for him having room mates. I should perhaps mention something at this point. He and I split up for a bit. We just... did. He came to AZ for Christmas, and we decided to get back together, and ya know... had just a great time. :) And then found out I was pregnant. So. yay us!
We were very thrilled with the news, and I'll be moving back there in May or June.

My mother started showing at 3 months, and my Nona started showing at 2.... and I believe I'm 6 weeks..... and I swear, I'm just bloated, but sweet Lord. I love stretchy jeans!

Go Saints!

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