Monday, February 8, 2010

Morning Sickness SUCKS

So, I guess the label on the prenatal vitamins that says "take with food" was serious. Because this morning before I left for work, I took the dang thing, and I was literally forcing myself to hyperventilate so I wouldn't puke all over my car. Really bad news. I'm in my office right now, trying to eat a bagel, and it's just not working out very well. YUCK.

My DH is all better this morning. We spoke at like, 11:00p my time, and he sounded a heck of a lot better then, and even more so this morning. So... Ft. Knox bowling alley? I'll drop kick you if you make him sick again ( I don't deal with people puking very well).

I think it's adorable how the grandmas are acting right now. They are already picking out little things for the baby, and it's making my heart smile. OH! And I got LJ to agree on Sophia! YES! He picked the boys name, I picked the girls name. We were going to do Christina but, I just really like the name Sophia. I mean, come on.. how cute is it going to be when we call that sweet little baby Sophie? Agh... already set on it being a girl. haha.... Honestly I don't really care as long as it's healthy, and is going to kick ass at using ASL. I'm serious about that last part.


  1. Hey I am your first follower! Hope this works now.. I am very excited about this site and you dont have to tell everyone everything everyday individually!!!

  2. You bitch, last night I was just saying how I really like the name "Sophia" if I ever had a baby girl, hahaa. I love you, and I'm bookmarking this blog so I can check up on you. :D

  3. Ok, so.... you say I stole the tattoo idea, your wedding dress idea, and apparently your baby name idea. Dear cousin, I believe it is YOU that is copying ME. It's ok. I forgive you. It's hard to NOT want to be like me. :) Miss you!

  4. No, the tatt idea wasn't stolen. It's still super cute though. :) I miss you too! I'm going to try to get to AZ next month, but it sounds like you'll probbaly be gone! Booooooo. Come visit me out here and I'll take you to Panera for lunch, my treat to you and the tadpole.