Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pumpkin Pie?

So, the sonogram yesterday was just...... amazing. I could see my little baby moving around -- I didn't think that was possible!As soon as the tech put the thing on my stomach, baby was so freggin adorable-- I was so dang excited. The heart beat was very strong and it was just too cute. My mom got to come with me, so that was wonderful. I wouldn't have been able to just do that alone. I mean... the rest I am sure I can go alone, but it was nice to have family come with me.

So...the tech told me I was 10 weeks 2 days, and I was PISSED.....but apparently, I'm 9 weeks 6 days.So... my bad I guess....but.... I mean... I don't expect the measurements to be perfect,but that tech was a real doucher. I wanted to slap her right in the mouth. For goodness sake, she said "more better"...and we all know how I feel about idiots..... but a few friends said when they got their sonograms, it was off. My friend Monica said the doctor was off by 2 weeks for her little girl, so I'm good to go.

I'm going to go to Walgreen's in a little bit so I can scan all of the pictures onto a disk, and get some hard copies for LJ to have. The other pictures of the baby aren't as clear as the one I previously posted, because that was a miracle shot. The other 4 shots the baby looks like.... well.... not a baby. it looks like a gopher or something. Very weird. The first thing LJ said after he saw the picture? "baby has a big head!" so-- yay for him being SO romantic.

I woke up this morning, dying for french toast and pumpkin pie. I went to the store thinking I would just have to do the french toast? but NO! Fry's had pumpkin pie. And Cheetos. I went to dinner with George last night, and he started talking about Cheetos-and so, that's what I'm eating.And it is amazing.

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