Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So today, I'm feeling much better than yesterday. I ate breakfast before I took my prenatal, and it made all the difference in the world. I feel a little light headed at times, but other than that, I think it's going to be smooth sailing now. I just had to figure out what made me sick and what helps, and I think everything will be just fine. Stress was a big factor for me I noticed. Whenever I was upset, or arguing with my DH or worrying about work... really anything that stressed me, I would get nauseated, so.. I'm trying to work on that. Not an easy job for me. I think I was born stressing out! Thankfully, I have a great support system here in Tucson until I'm back with Elijah. I can not wait for that day. Silly as it may be, I have a count down on my phone, and there's 31 days left until I'm there in March... it's not too much longer. We've been through worse, that's for sure. It's just slightly upsetting that he's not able to see the subtle changes every day that I'm seeing. Soon enough I suppose. And he'll be around for the BIG changes, so that's a relief. Poor guy slid into a ditch last night after work due to the weather in KY....yuck.

In other news.... Because I said the baby wanted it, my little mommy made me beef stroganoff last night, and while I normally hate eating red meat, it was amazing. I think that my body is realizing that it needs more iron, and since I refuse to take iron pills, that was very helpful. I don't even know why I was craving that particular dish. I hadn't had it in years, and it's not as if it's something I grew up eating.... this baby is nuts already. And rightfully so I suppose... look at who the parents are. :)

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  1. I miss your "report" hope you are feeling okay!!!