Wednesday, August 25, 2010

35 weeks

I don't know if I should really label this post at 37 weeks.. the whole measuring thing really is confusing me! But, I guess if the doctor never changed my due date, I'll still say 35....right? Stupid doctors.

Anyway-- as you can see from the picture, I have dropped. It's amazing to breathe again. It really is. :]
Although...heartburn is really becoming an issue now. Pretty much every night--er morning-- at 1 or 2am I wake up and run to the medicine cabinet and eat like 39 tums. The little guy has stopped moving as much.. which is normal, but weird for me. He normally is always moving, but now it's only if I eat something that he likes. Also- his butt is on my left side, and his little feet are on my right side, and he moves his feet like his dad. I know that's weird to say, but when LJ would be sleeping (which I witnessed constantly, because he is the most lazy person you will EVER meet), he would like, do this weird thing with his feet, that I can feel the baby do. It's very funny. I obviously may be wrong in this, and he could just be moving around, but it really feels like he's doing the weird LJ foot thing.
It really amazes me the traits that are passed down genetically. Like, me for example. I obviously never knew my biological father, and I apparently walk like him, smirk like him, anger easily like him, ect. And from my mother.... I have all the other craziness. Thanks Mom! :]

I can't believe in a few days I'll be meeting my little boy.
Also, I can't believe I'm going to be picking LJ up the day before that happens. I can't say I'm thrilled at the prospect of seeing him, because he does nothing but upset me now-a-days, but I'm glad he'll be able to see his son make his grand entrance.

.....I just don't know if mentally, I should be around LJ 24/7 while he's here. I really don't want him to stay here the whole time.... The thought of him literally makes my heart race... not in the good way, but in the "holy shit, he's coming here and I have to be nice to him even though I want to take a brick and bash his face in" kind of way. I'm finding all this information on things he's supposed to have done this whole time we've been separated, and he's done NONE of it.. I literally get sick to my stomach at the thought of it all. Like, literally, I feel the urge to vomit when I think of how badly I'm getting fucked over, again and again and again by the father of my child.

On a more humorous note...I found this shirt on line, and I cracked up!

I have everything ready in the nursery, except the picture for above the crib, but I need a manicure before I take those pictures. I can't paint my nails very well. They always end up looking like a 2 year old did it for me.

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