Monday, August 16, 2010

braxton hicks? preterm labor?

So-yesterday, my mom, sister, and I went to see Eat. Pray. Love.-and it was a great movie. I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, during the movie, I started cramping like I was on my period, but worse. It was awful, and it went around to my lower back too. From everything I've read up to this point, told me that those were signs of early labor, so of course I freaked out, ran to the bathroom after the movie to check for blood, but thankfully, nothing. So, I called my doctor but since it was Sunday, she wasn't in, and I had to have a doctor on call, call me back... which she did, and she was very nice, but she told me that if the pain didn't subside to go to the hospital, which I just didn't want to do. So.. I sucked it up, drank a ton of water and kinda just relaxed a little. I went to my mom's house just in case something happened.. I didn't really want to be alone...

So, while I'm there it was hurting on and off, and so I assumed it was the famous Braxton Hicks.. but I was wrong I think. Nothing contracted. ...unless I'm just super lucky and mine wont be that bad, but I mean, no one is that lucky...right?

Well--while I was there freakin betty...
She puked at the fuckin table
the dinner table
and I'm emetophobic
and it was awful
and I dont like her.. I really dont
so I didnt feel sorry for her
at all, and now I feel guilty for that
I really hate when people throw up-I like it less when I dont like the person, and I really hate that she was so focused on eating a fat man's portion at dinner that she didnt stop and just get up and go into the restroom to do it at least. It was really annoying... but because she did that, I had to jump up and run out the door, and I made my mom bring me my shit...
and I came home. All night I was worried about going into labor, but I didnt.. yay!
Tomorrow morning, I have an appt with my ob, and I'm kinda nervous about it.
I'm really sore... and it's just not fun being pregnant anymore... except for when I go out to eat. :]
But also-- I need to get that gross butt and vajay test tomorrow-- and I'm so not excited for the no pants visits. ugh

I seriously am peeing every 10 minutes now, and its awful!
Anyway--everything is good. Baby is moving like crazy, so I think I'm good to go. AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDD

I didn't gain any weight this week. Yay me!

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