Tuesday, August 31, 2010

omg that hurt.

Holy freakin crap. I swear. If I knew pregnancy was so painful, I would have never ever EVER have had sex. Ever. Being checked for dilation was THE MOST PAINFUL THING EVER!!!!!!!
I dont like it, and I think they should just not ever check me again.
I guess I misunderstood how they check you for that, but I didn't know it consisted of a doctor shoving her hand as hard as she could up your va-jay.
Sweet Lord.

So, with that said... I'm dilated 1.5 cm, and my doctor is very happy. I'll be going in to the hospital on Sept 14th at about 9pm and given medication to soften the ol' cervix and then at 5am or so, they'll start the petocin drip.

I'm really pissed off.
It ruins everything I had planned! Like, I wanted to have the lovely dinner, come home, relax, POOP, go to sleep, wake up POOP and get glammed out. Now? I'll eat, and probably poop when I freaking give birth. Awesome. I'm SO excited for 10 people so see me poop. And also, I'm going to look like death warmed over. I wonder if they'll let me take a shower that morning?
I really hope so. I want one last shower before I can only use a water bottle so wash off. yuuuuuck.

So... yeah. 2 weeks. Like, seriously. In 14 days, I'll be in the hospital getting ready to have a baby.

I"m freakin out man..

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  1. Hey, It's Ashley Lowery (Levers). I was in the hospital twice in the last month and they wouldn't let me shower either. They have this cool soap now that it's not thick and greasy and you don't have to rinse it off (well I did with a wet wash cloth) and they also have these nice wipes with aloe vera and soap in them to use as well. It's not the best by any means, but it did help. I hated people seeing me all dirty, but I couldn't walk, literally the first time. And the second time they wouldn't let me shower because I was on Heparin (extreme blood thinner, if I got cut or hit and bled internally, I would have died). So it is at least something hun...Make sure to ask for it!!! Wish you the best of luck and you will do great!!!! P.S. You can also start shopping for wipes you like now and bring them with you :)