Saturday, August 28, 2010

36 weeks.

18 freaking days left. Thats it! OMFG!!!! I think it's safe to say I'm in freak out mode...sometimes. Sometimes I freak out because I'm so overwhelmed that I'm going to be a single mama... an insanely cool one, but still, a single mama. I am really quite thankful for all the support I have on my end though. :]

Today is my last day with the duke. :[ I think. I'm not really sure when her adoptive family is coming to get her tomorrow.. but either way, I'm pretty sad. She's been my main source of entertainment the last week. She is just SO funny. Also, I just looked over, and the dang dog is passed out, but her tongue is hanging out of her mouth. Lazy thing.

So. I feel amazing.... No swelling (except my fingers a little)... I can sleep.. and everything is good. I will say that heart burn is still a pain in the butt though... but other than that? I don't see why pregnant women complain all the time about how much it sucks. Granted, I'm fat as an elephant, I have stretchmarks that are never going away,and I'm pretty sure my shoe size went up a half size, but really? I expected all those things. Once the little man comes, I'm going to miss a few things, such as going to Starbucks with Monica every other night, sleeping.... eating whatever I want because "i'm pregnant! it's ok!"... and I'm not going to like dieting insanely, but on the flip side? I'll have my son!!! I think Monica said it best yesterday when I said I felt silly talking about the make up I'll be wearing to the hospital..."it's not every day you meet the love of your life" and she's right. I can't wait to meet my little Nicolas.

I really can't explain what happened to me, but it's like over night, I have this insane desire to buy make up. Don't get me wrong. I've always liked make up--a lot. But I now have an INSANE obsession with eye make up. What's lame about it though... is that no matter what color combination I slab on my eyes, it always looks the same in a few hours. So, my cousin told me (she's a MAC cosmetologist) to get a gel primer... I couldn't find one (that wasn't over $30) so I got a cream primer.. and I can't really tell a difference... so I think I'll just get over it. I have recently become a HUGE fan of E.L.F. products. You can find most of them at the 3rd love of my life (Target..duh), or you can order them here. They have such a diverse line, and guess what else? They're SO FREGGIN CHEAP!!!! I have spent a butt load of make up from Bobbie Brown, and MAC... and E.L.F. is just as good, if not better..why? because you can get more, and I feel like it's just as good. Except some of MAC's eye make up, because that shit is craaaaazy.

Here are some pictures, of a HUGE belly:

and yeah, my hair is STILL black. I dont want to strip it, but I think that's my last option.

My NON-swollen ankles!!!

and, I've dropped. I now enjoy using my tummy as a tray for holding things such as: phones, food, candy, and TV remotes. :]

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