Friday, August 13, 2010

When I grow up--I wanna be famous..

The perks of being pregnant include many things :
  • Eating crazy things without judgement
  • Gaining 30lbs and people thinking it's cute
  • Being able to cry and people just say "awww-hormones...poor thing"
  • Being able to snap at someone and they just say "awww hormones...poor thing"
  • Buying new clothes for 9 months, and no one can say you're being selfish
  • Being in a FREAKING COMMERCIAL!!!!

Yeah that's right-- I'm in a commercial today. :] It's for the air national guard (which I really am not a fan of, because they think they're such bad asses, but really? they're wusses ).
My little friend Monica cracked me up..."Join the ANG--we'll take ya even if you're knocked up!"
but no...
I'll just be posing as a patient. They're wanting to promote people to join, and become nurses.
I've gotta say-- if I ever were to become a nurse? I'd be a OB nurse. I think that would be fun to see pregos all the time. We're really such lovely people. haha... mostly.
I'm so thankful (even though I feel huge and have gained freggin 30lbs) that I'm not one of those preggos that let themselves go--I still get up and ready every day. I can't imagine not doing that.
And more importantly, I FEEL good. I feel so awful for the girls that go through 9 months of feeling like shit... I'm so glad I'm so lucky. I might have a shit load of problems during the pregnancy-- but nothing to do with the pregnancy.
Although I gotta say-- the director of the commercial asked me to bring my husband. Or boyfriend. Or whoever made the baby with me.


um. I lied...I said he was deployed.
It's just so much easier to say that than to say: "oh no sorry, he decided he hates the idea of being married, and didn't want me to move back there to ky with him but hey! Good news is, I can pose as your little prego in your commercial, so please don't feel too bad for me, because really? he's a huge douche bag and I dont want to be out there anyway, even though I cry all the time about it, because even though he's a total shit bag, I still love him."

yeah... lying? It's an awful thing to do. But sometimes, I feel like it's just better than unloading at unexpected strangers. Anyway, because of that, I recruited my friend Matt...
I have a feeling that's going to be awkward but--oh well.

Also? I need to find a freggin car. STAT

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