Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Picture it--
Cat and dog living in perfect harmony...
Now think of the exact opposite.. and that is what I found after returning home from the mall and Starbucks--where, Monica got a whole thing of coffee fo free!!! Not our drinks.. like, a bag of coffee.. Why? Its because I totally know one of the Brewistas that work there! yay for Lauren (thank you)!!!

Seriosuly. I was expecting poop to be honest. I kept telling Monica that I'd come home to poop (ok, yesterday, it was pouring rain, so I assumed Daizy would poop in the house, just because she wont go outside in the rain, and today, she was being weird and not going pee even so I totally thought I'd have some kind of puppy surprise in my house, but I didn't!) but nooooo, I came home to Jazmine slapping Daizy in the face. Seriously. In. The. Face. Poor dog...

So anyway, while at starbucks, I was told by another girl I was in band with that I looked like I was about to pop. I totally feel that way too. So again. I am SO confused about my damn due date. 35 weeks, but measuring at 37 (I assume--I've been measuring 1.5 weeks-ish ahead every time) and so, that's full term, so wtf. WTF! I guess I'll find out more on Tuesday. This time, I'm going to ask my doctor a million questions. I really think she should take the time to answer my damn questions. I mean after all, she's going to have her face about 3 inches from my va jay.

I'm like, stretch marked out though. Seriously, if I grow out anymore, this kid's going to be grounded before he even comes out of the womb. Shit. it's bad. I just got up to look, and thought about maybe adding a picture-- but no. Not I will not.

it's far too disturbing...

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