Friday, August 27, 2010

Crib Wall

Today, Monica and I went to get manicures. Because of that, I figured today was the day I'd have my little brother take pictures of my hands, signing my little baby's name... but the poor kid had an awful headache after dinner (pei wei!!!) so I thought I would try it out myself, and if worse came to worse, I'd have him do it tomorrow....thankfully? I rock at taking hand pictures (apparently), so I uploaded them to photobucket, changed the coloring, ordered them through walgreens, and shabam! The nursery is done. I will post more pictures on Monday or something. I just need to put everything back after Daizy goes with her adoptive family. I trust her with 99% of the house.. but she really likes destroying the baby stuff for some reason, so I just dont want to take any chances with that nonsense.
Anyway-- this is the crib wall, and the hand pictures!

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out :]

Dino from Grammy, pillow from Home Goods (I <3 that store) and everything else made by Little Nona...That woman has some serious talent. Look at the monster! She MADE that. And the blanket... good Lord.

Before adding the blue dots....

I really just love the monster, for my little monster. :]

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